School Days of the Week!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Do you know what day of the week today? Let's Sing and learn the Days of the Week!

School Days of the Week Song Lyrics by #SINGandSPEAK

Monday is

Yesterday was a Sunday

and tomorrow will be Tuesday


Monday is the 1st school days of the week

Tuesday is

Yesterday was a Monday

and tomorrow will be Wednesday


Tuesday is the 2nd school days of the week

Wednesday is

Yesterday was a Tuesday

and tomorrow will be Thursday


Wednesday is the 3rd school days of the week

Thursday is

Yesterday was a Wednesday

and tomorrow will be Friday


Thursday is the 4th school days of the week

Friday! We all like Fridays!!

Yesterday was a Thursday

and tomorrow will be Saturday


Friday is the 5th school days of the week

Friday is the best school days of the week!


See you next week!