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Let's have Numbers Party!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Do you know the Numbers? Yes, Of course!!

Then let's have fun and sing along!!!!

Click and watch the video :-)

The Alphabet Party Song Lyrics by #SINGandSPEAK

Hey, Kids! Are you ready?


Are you ready?


I said, "Are you ready?


We are going to have some fun, Starting at 1

When we get to 10.

We'll do it all again!

We are going to do the Dr.A's count (Yeah!!)

We are going to do the Dr.A's count (Yeah!!)

Are you ready?

One (one), Two (two), Three (three), Four (four), Five (five), Six (six), Seven (seven), Eight (eight), Nine (nine), Ten (ten)

Are you having fun?

Let's do it all again so BB, Do you want to join in? Hai!!!

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